The Beginning

I was born from Darkness and Light, some now may say my mother is a myth; others say she is a goddess just like from the time I was born. Her name you wonder is Aphrodite… Yes the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality… You see before my mother "met" Ares she had a secret love affair that would if found out would banish her from the heavens and stripped of her beauty and ''love'' that the gods survive off from the prayers of humans that my oh so called uncle created.
You heard me my uncle is the almighty Zeus or God or whatever name you all call him and seeming as Zeus is my uncle and Poseidon is my Uncle as well only leaves as Hades as my father. The king of the underworld… My father was with my mother before his "marriage" of him and Persephone.

All was great and I love both my parents deeply as they loved me, this was till nearly a Millennia just before my the day i celebrated my birth the gods got word of my mother and father and me their disgrace. This was when my immortal curse of darkness began, the gods had all had come to an agreement after my mother cried out and nearly attacked everyone as they pried me off of her at the counsel, my father was held back by his brothers and my uncles. They chose as their punishment was to ban me from the heavens never to see my parents, friends and the sun ever again… though what they never expected was how I turned out, not even Zeus could strip me of my powers after all I was a goddess and a daughter to his brother.
What shocked them though was when I was thrown from heaven and back up from hell in agony, something horrible happened and not even the almighty Zeus's powers could reverse it. I was the first ever vampire to walk the earth.

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