Being in love with your best friend can sometimes be easy.. others its downright painful.. Follow the Tale of Bella and Edward

Will they accept each other? Or will they fight what is inevitable… Both the same yet so very different, one a hot head the other calm and collected can opposites attract? For The Opposite's Attract Contest

Ever wonder of the story behind Emily's scars? Or how Sam felt when it all happened? Or why Sam imprinted on Emily? Emily a Shy, Strong Minded Girl and Sam an Angry, Closed off guy. How will She help him in the end? for The Opposites Attract Contest

Once an April's Fool you're always an April Fool. Well not this year. This year I will get my revenge… It's the boys turn this year. Oh is Emmett going to pay!

"YOU PROMISED ME MY HUSBAND! YOU PROMISED JASPER!" she wailed before collapsing in my arms. All I could do was beg for forgiveness and apologise over and over again as I cried with her. JPOV. Written with the thought of ANZAC day.

God wouldn't take them, and the devil was afraid they would take over. So cast out from the underworld they roam the world causing destruction. Em/Bella

Bella is the first ever woman in charge for what she does, the head officer on the Green Mile, Death Row. When a certain Emmett McCarty comes to her row, things change and her outlook on life will never be the same. THIS IS CANON... Edward/Bella **Entry for September Drabble Wars**
If you looked close enough you could see there were many in the shadows, lurking, hunting and preying on the unsuspecting. But they were not the ones you had to worry about the ones you did are vicious, very persuasive and cunning. They would give you anything for your very most prized possession. Your very own soul. Jasper and Bella, demon mates who take pleasure in taking souls M

She was the only thing that ever captured her interest, the only thing that caught her eyes; she was the only one who made her feel alive. She wanted her, even if it was just for such a short time, for fate was a cruel mistress and it wasn't meant to be… or was it?

Bella is all but gone insane, hunting those who look like the ones who hurt her and killing them… But things aren't what they seem. R:M

He watches her through the window every morning. She watches him. Do they talk or do they continue the glances through the window as they continue their routines?

Looking back on the memories of Sherlock Holmes, Watson thought it was the end, or was it? AGoS

Everyone thought she was a sweet mother, a loving wife, but in reality she's just a hunter with secret desires. Will they stay secret is the question? R:M

Jade is tired of waiting for Demetri to make a move – can her plan with the help from the girls finally make Demetri snap and claim his mate the way she wants? Or will he resist. Outtake for Unyielding Devotion and Unyielding Love

Jasper was called back to war, leaving a pregnant Bella behind. A week before Christmas, the day he was supposed to return she gets tragic news. But on Christmas Eve she makes a wish, one simple Christmas Miracle. AH

silence leads to pain but denial leads to so much worse. When you see the one you love dying inside right before your eyes, what will you do? Continue to keep your secrets or let them know they are not alone?

Ever wondered why Draco never revealed Harry to Bellatrix when they were captured? Maybe it was because of one steamy night... R:M

Paul stalked forward, stopping mere feet from his imprint and snarled almost brokenly at her. "Look what you are doing Leah! Look what you ignoring me does! You are breaking me!" He yells, his hands flying to the air in exasperation. He was a broken man and she was his imprint, finally he will show her that he will fight for her love.

"Am I so horrible that no one will want me?" she whispers to the she wolf after a few minutes of silence. Leah held back another snarl and cursed Jacob in her mind before pulling back so she could look Bella in her eyes for the first time. Gasping as she felt the world around her shift and latch onto the woman crying in front of her, nothing mattered but her.


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